Intro to MyFo

MyFo Apps are designed to solve the challenge of information overload that you are facing today in both your personal and professional lives. The MyFo Apps are designed to gather and present relevant news and information specifically relating to your area(s) of interest (including triathlon, swimming, biking and running) for enthusiasts around the world.  The App pulls information from thousands of news sources and displays the most relevant information gathered over a set time period.

The MyFo Advantage

The MyFo engine is fueled by patented core algorithms analyzes topic-specific documents and publications that are assembled into refined  “profile documents”, and determines the most important information contained in those profile documents.

MyFo pulls topic-specific documents and publications from daily, global RSS feeds. It sifts through millions of documents including journals, blogs, news publications, periodicals and websites and sends you only those articles in the specific area of personal interest to you–only the information you really want and need can be delivered to your computer, tablet or mobile device daily.

MyFo can:

  • Read and sort through the vast volumes of information being generated across the world every day
  • Deliver to you only that information that you have determined is important to you
  • Give you constant access to up-to-date desired titles, abstracts, and full-text articles
  • Help solve your information overload challenge

MyFo allows you to:

  • Immediately see only the documents that are of interest to you personally
  • Bookmark your important findings to read or reference at a later time
  • Share your favorite articles via text, email and social networks

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